Carbon Capture Coalition Statement on CCUS Permitting Task Forces Announcement by White House Council on Environmental Quality  

March 24, 2023 | News

On March 24, 2023, the White House Council on Environmental Quality announced the formation of two task forces to improve the performance of the permitting process for carbon management projects on federal and non-federal lands. Mandated by the bipartisan Utilizing Significant Emissions with Innovative Technologies (USE IT) Act, these task forces will be critical to help ensure regulatory frameworks enable efficient, orderly, and responsible deployment of the full suite of carbon management projects and related infrastructure. The following statement on the announcement of these task forces may be attributed to Jessie Stolark, executive director of the Carbon Capture Coalition:  

“Economywide deployment of carbon capture, removal, transport, reuse and storage technologies is an essential tool to meet midcentury climate goals, strengthen and expand a high-wage jobs base, and support domestic manufacturing and energy production. Deployment of the full suite of carbon management technologies must advance in the context of a strong and efficient regulatory regime, informed by both science and commercial experience.  

“To achieve the necessary deployment of these technologies in the timeframe needed to meet midcentury climate obligations, it is imperative that the public and project host communities have confidence in the potential benefits provided by carbon management projects including reducing CO2 and other air pollutants as well as the safety and security of CO2 pipelines and permanent geologic storage. The formation of these task forces provides a timely and important opportunity to address this need and other urgent regulatory issues associated with the responsible build out of the sectors that make up the carbon management industry.  

“The membership roster announced today mirrors the unique partnership between industry, labor and environmental and conservation nonprofit organizations necessary for economywide deployment of these technologies and fostered by the Carbon Capture Coalition. These individuals represent a diverse and knowledgeable cross-section of the carbon management community and their experience and background on these issues will be invaluable as the task forces begin their work in earnest.  

“As the work of these task forces gets underway, the Coalition is ready to support their vital work in ensuring the proper regulatory framework is in place to scale these industries responsibly and with urgency. We congratulate all the selected task force members, which includes many Coalition members.”  

Note: For further information, see the Carbon Capture Coalition statement on the original announcement of these task forces here.


Convened by the Great Plains Institute, the Carbon Capture Coalition is a nonpartisan collaboration of more than 100 companies, unions, conservation and environmental policy organizations, building federal policy support to enable economywide, commercial scale deployment of carbon management technologies. This includes carbon capture, removal, transport, utilization, and storage from industrial facilities, power plants, and ambient air.