July 30, 2020

Great Plains Institute Blog Post: Analysis of Transport Infrastructure Shows Near-Term Carbon Capture and Storage Potential Webinar

The Great Plains Institute (GPI) published a blog post following the July 20th webinar, Regional Transport Infrastructure for Carbon Capture and Storage, hosted by the Regional Carbon…

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June 15, 2019

Primer: Section 45Q Tax Credit for Carbon Capture Projects

The Great Plains Institute has published the following primer on the 45Q tax credit.  The original blog post is reprinted below and can also be viewed on…

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November 29, 2018

Carbon Capture Coalition Presents Model Guidance to the U.S. Department of Treasury for 45Q Tax Credit Implementation

Despite intense partisanship and gridlock over national energy and environmental policy, Republicans and Democrats came together earlier this year to reform and strengthen the federal Section 45Q…

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