More than 30 Companies, NGOs and Labor Unions Support Federal Incentives for Low- and Zero-Carbon Hydrogen Production

October 21, 2021 | Blog

On October 20, more than thirty companies, non-profits and labor unions, including several members of the Carbon Capture Coalition and the Industrial Innovation Initiative, sent a letter to House and Senate Democratic leadership as well as Chairman Wyden and Chairman Neal, expressing their support for the inclusion of multiple pathways for low- and zero-carbon hydrogen production in the bipartisan infrastructure package and forthcoming budget reconciliation text.

 Affordable, low- and zero-carbon hydrogen will be a critical tool in decarbonizing the hard-to-abate sectors of our economy as we work toward meeting our collective climate obligations. As such, scaling up clean carbon hydrogen production represents a ripe opportunity to help the Biden administration achieve its goals of net-zero emissions in the power sector by 2035 and economywide by 2050, while improving local air quality for communities and spurring investments in domestic industries that support high-paying jobs.

Enacting policy provisions that enable clean hydrogen use and production from different energy resources, including hydrogen produced with carbon capture and coupled with utilization, transport and geologic storage, can build upon the wide-ranging energy and industrial comparative advantages of different regions of the country and help achieve economies of scale on the path to net-zero emissions. Opportunities for low- and zero-carbon hydrogen production to aid in decarbonizing our economy include supplying industrial process heat, serving as a feedstock for industrial processes, fueling transport applications that are challenging to electrify, and enabling 24-7 dispatchable net-zero power generation.