Post-Election Statement from the Carbon Capture Coalition

November 7, 2018 | News

With the midterm elections now complete, attention is once again focused on the outlook for legislation on a variety of energy and environmental issues in Congress. The Carbon Capture Coalition today issued the following statement in response to the midterm elections:

“Support for carbon capture technology is exceptionally broad and bipartisan and not dependent on any one party. In fact, legislation promoting the further development and deployment of carbon capture technology is one of the only energy and environmental policies that has engendered bipartisan support and action in Congress for many years. We are confident that carbon capture will continue to present an opportunity for Congressional leaders from the left, right and center to support common sense solutions to advance American energy independence, jobs and economic development and reductions in carbon emissions. We look forward to working with Congressional leaders of both parties in the next Congress to advocate for policies to continue deploying carbon capture technology nationwide.”